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eDelfoi development has been discontinued and its development has been moved to the new environment will be renewed during the summer. It means both good and bad news for the users. Let’s take the bad news first. Some of the eDelphi features will become chargeable from 1st of June on. However, the basic functions that enable the realization of Delphi, will remain free of charge. The payment limit runs roughly in the reportage and analyzing features, and in the modular features that will be developed in the future. The first module will be live-Delphi, a mobile Delphi-application developed especially for real time use in events and online.

There will be three user levels: free BASIC use, PLUS-level which includes reportage and analyzing features, and PREMIUM which includes all the additional modules. In late summer eDelphi will also launch EDU and ORG versions, which will include education, consulting, and research services in addition to software services. You will find information about the prices and services from the INFO page of eDelphi.

Delphi processes that were started during the early 2017 will remain free of charge reportage included until the 1st of August. Please inform about the unfinished process to Hannu Linturi from the eDelphi support or to Antti Leppä from the software development. What comes to good news, the fees will ensure both the software development work and the continuation of the 20 years of work of  Delphi -development community. An integral part of that work is method development and eDelphi education. will remain as an open source software even after the reforms. Metatavu Oy is responsible for coding and its coordination. Metodix Oy owns the rights to the software, and is also responsible for the expenses of the development work.